Energit for eyes

Help your tired eyes with delicious vitamin tablets with blueberry flavor and content of natural extracts, zinc and vitamin C.

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Energit Multivitamin

  • vitamin tablets with sea buckthorn extract
  • 8 necessary vitamins for the overall strengthening of the body
  • flavor: blueberry
  • 42pcs

Active ingredients

in 1 tablet and *

Calendula officinalis extract

(lutein 1.5 mg)

15 mg

vitamin C

20 mg (25%)

blueberry extract

10 mg


1.5 mg (15%)

Ingredients: sweetener - sorbitol, L-ascorbic acid, acid - citric acid, marigold flower extract, blueberry fruit extract, natural aroma, anti-caking agent - magnesium stearate, zinc citrate, sweeteners - aspartame, acesulfame K.