HHC Joint 40% Strawberry Cough 2g

HHC Joints with 40% HHC and selected flowers (2g).

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HHC Joint 40% Strawberry Cough 2g
€12 –8 %

Canapuff HHC Joint with Strawberry Cough flavour comes from a cross between Haze and an unknown dwarf cultivar that was supposedly grown near a strawberry patch. The strawberry flavour is undeniable in this profile, as if you were right in the field from which the first plant came. Under the strawberry surface, notes of pine, pepper and spice can be detected. Definitely a daytime variety, Strawberry Cough will bring you to a place where you want to work.

HHC content: 40%

Product weight: 2g

Strain: Sativa

Smell: Aroma: Strawberry, pine and pepper

Effects: Concentration and energy

THC content: < 0.2%

The product complies with Act No. 167/1998 §5. Designed for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not for direct consumption or smoking. The product is subject to natural weight loss. No sales to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.