MaxiVita Exclusive Erektor

Do you want a better erection and higher sexual performance? Rely on natural extracts for centuries - in the form of an effective dietary supplement.

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for better erection and sexual performance of men.

It contains a combination of substances that have a beneficial effect on the physiologists' needs of the human body:

  • Tribulus terrestis   (ground anchor) acts as a sexual stimulant. It has a beneficial effect on the genitals and hormonal activity.
  • Ginseng   contributes to maintaining mental and physical performance. It also has a positive effect on sexual activity. It has a positive effect on a man's erection and sexual performance.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract   It is rich in many active substances, including flavones and lactones. These are important for cognitive functions, especially for thought processes (memory, concentration, attention). The center of these functions is the brain, for which good blood circulation is essential.
  • Schizandra   is one of the important adaptogens with a strong stimulating effect in traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for fatigue, sports, exhaustion, and to improve physical and mental performance.

Recommended dosage: adults 2 to 3 capsules a day at a time, preferably 1-4 hours before sexual intercourse.

Ingredients: Active ingredients in 1 capsule L-arginine 500 mg L-citrulline 60 mg schizandra extract 40 mg tribulus terrestris extract 50 mg eleutherococcus extract (Siberian ginseng) 50 mg ginkgo biloba extract 15 mg