Super Rush! Popper Spray

Aphrodisiac, stimulate your senses with the herbal popper Super Rush!

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Reaching the top has never been easier. Stimulate your senses with the herbal popper Super Rush! With this extremely strong herbal popper, you will create a top with just 2 to 5 injections under the tongue. This product is considered highly effective and can be effective for up to 15 minutes.

Instructions for use: Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the contents of the vial under the tongue 2-5 times (approx. 3 ml). Wait 15 minutes for the desired effect. The maximum dose is 3 ml in 24 hours.

Ingredients per 3 ml: water, 39 mg L-arginine, 39 mg Siberian ginseng, 39 mg Saw Palmetto, 39 mg cranberries, 15 mg Gingko Biloba, 15 mg L-glatamic acid, 15 mg L-alanine, 15 mg L-lysine , 15 mg NE niacin, sodium chloride, E211, E202