Seller and operator of the online shop is:
RAVESHOP EUROPE s.r.o., Rybná 716/24 11000 Prague 1 - Staré Mesto Czech Republic Telephone: 00420 605 425 960.

The method.

Send an email with a complaint request to
If you want to return the money, write the account number in IBAN format. The money will be returned within 14 days
Within 24 hours you will receive a label for the carrier who will collect the package and deliver it to us.

Please include the following information in the return:

Order number.
Code and name of the product you are returning.

(Example: I am returning a Trance Djs T-shirt with the code TRIKO_11_TRANCE_M_CER, order no. 2022011334).


Before the first use, the buyer is strongly recommended to study the warranty conditions, including the user manual, and then to strictly follow this information. Otherwise there is a risk that the goods will be damaged through improper use and that you will not be able to assert the resulting defect within the scope of your liability for defects. The warranty period begins when the buyer takes over the item.

Each e-shop purchase includes a tax document (invoice), which also serves as a delivery note. (The customer finds out in the attachment to the e-mail immediately after completing the purchase).

The warranty period is indicated for each product as the date of the invoice. In the event that no guarantee certificate is available, a tax document - an invoice - serves as a guarantee certificate.

The supplier guarantees the condition and completeness of the delivered goods.

The warranty period begins on the day the customer receives the goods. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the goods.

If the goods are delivered by the carrier in damaged packaging or if the buyer has doubts that the carrier has delivered the goods without defects, he will write a goods complaint to the carrier.

As a rule, a guarantee card is issued for the goods, which the customer can use to prove the origin of the goods together with the invoice in the event of a complaint. If no guarantee certificate is issued for the goods, it is sufficient to prove the origin of the goods with an invoice.

If the customer discovers defects in the goods, he must notify the seller immediately. The customer informs the supplier in writing (e-mail is sufficient) of any defects found, stating the characteristics of the defect, the order number and the name of the customer. The supplier is obliged to process the complaint no later than 30 days after its delivery.

According to the law, the customer has a 14-day right of return without giving any reason. This period begins on the day after the day on which the customer receives the shipment. Within this 14-day period, the customer must inform the seller and return the goods within this period. If the last day of the 14-day period falls on a weekend, the customer has the right to return the goods to the seller on the following working day.

Complaints are also possible with complete goods.
In the event of a complaint, the customer can assert the following claims:

Delivery of missing goods or parts thereof, rectification, replacement of defective goods if the defect is irreparable or the same defect has already occurred at least twice

Complaints are not possible in the following cases:
- the goods were used contrary to the instructions for use
- the goods have been used or treated improperly
- the goods have been used under conditions that are not usual for the respective type of product
- the goods have been damaged by natural elements.