UV body pencil | Purple

The brightest and highest quality color pencil for the body of the PaintGlow brand.

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Glow in the Dark body crayon - glowing in the dark

Our best-selling UV neon luminous body crayons, ideal for achieving your individual artistic designs and amazing your surroundings. Don't be just one of the crowd.

The neon crayon Glow in the Dark is a unique product. Glow in the Dark is available in 8 amazing colors: yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, red, purple and the last color is "invisible". After charging the light, the color on the skin shines, but you get the best effect under UV radiation.

Key features of Glow in the Dark crayons

  • It shines without the need for UV radiation
  • 8 neon colors & 1 invisible color
  • High brightness
  • Creamy and soft
  • Fast and easy to use